The HVAC division of Fusion Fabrication and Welding has long been the cornerstone of our business. By expanding services to incorporate evolving technology for our commercial and industrial customers, we have acquired the expertise and equipment to meet the HVAC needs of both existing and future customers. Known for our heating, cooling and ventilating system expertise, we also specialize in air quality improvement. Specifically, we can improve the collection and control of dust, fumes or vapors. We can assist you with equipment specifications and procurement, as well as the testing and balancing of existing equipment.

We can fabricate galvanized ductwork to your particular specifications. Interior or exterior duct insulation is available to meet your project needs. Ferrous (mild steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum, stainless steel, copper and plastic) materials are available to meet your specifications. Pre-finished materials in aluminum and mild steel are available for ducting and architectural applications.